our mission

The mission of Rockstars Garage is to showcase amazing bands and the original music they create. It's about the music, the stories, and the experience of live music.


Each episode of our web based music show will feature an amazing local band recorded live on the Rockstars Garage stage. In addition, we will take a look inside the music and state of the local music scene with a short band interview. Each band we showcase will be given a select number of tickets to invite their fans to the event.


We are often asked, “what’s the catch?”… The answer is, there is no catch. We understand the challenges that bands face getting their original music out there and dealing with “typical promoters”. What makes us unique is that there is no cost to the bands we showcase or the fans that support them.


Rockstars Garage began as a small warehouse with many walls and no chance of ever being able to host an event. After many months of work and construction, Rockstars Garage is an amazing place with space for 100+ people and the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a look at construction photos below.

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